How To Prevent Racism In America

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Racism is one of the world’s major issues today. "What racism?" many people tend to say, "Didn't we just elect this black guy president?" (Implying: "Doesn't that prove that racism is over in America?").It is obvious that racism is bad as it was many decades ago but it sure has not gone away. Racism still exists in America because of popular culture, history, and even politics.

Discrimination through mass media is a huge factor when it comes to why racism still exists in America. The idea that you can go to your local store and buy fairness creams gives us enough reason to believe that we are a herd of white-obsessed individuals. The moment you switch on to your television sets, you will manage to catch a glimpse of the latest fairness product, with a white-washed face making tall claims of ‘revolutionizing’ your life. All the time, people are taking the idea that the darker you are, the uglier. This idea has always been around in the United States.There’s a lack of equal representation of different races and cultures in advertising and people of power. Only recently have popular TV shows started casting people of different backgrounds in non-stereotypical ways. However, there’s a lot of TV shows and movies that still promote those negative stereotypes. Even if people joke about them, eventually those jokes get misinterpreted and someone takes them literally.
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History is supposed to act as a guidance, which determines our future course of action. This hasn't been the case in todays society.if history itself is misinterpreted and if we are not taught to learn a lesson from our predecessors’ mistakes, history shall repeat itself in its most retrogressive forms. The injustice done to the blacks and the torture inflicted upon them have been recorded over centuries. The terrible Holocaust images in the concentration camps in Germany send a chill down our nerves even
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