How To Prevent The Bosnian Genocide

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As a nation, we should always be prepared for the possibility of genocide in other

countries. As a nation, should help prevent it and save thousands of lives before they

know they are in danger. As a nation, it is all of our responsibility to stop it at the source.

During the Holocaust, there were numerous signs of a genocide prevailing in

Germany during this time, but due to lack of media, we were oblivious. We were

oblivious and stood by as millions starved in concentration camps. We were oblivious to

annihilation of the Jews. Although we were oblivious then, we know the signs now.

The Bosnian genocide was the same way. We were simply oblivious. We didn't

check for the signs. All these Bosnian people were dragged from their homes and into
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The United States refused to take the lead in trying to end the war

for four years as these Bosniaks were executed. We weren’t oblivious this time. We just

decided not to rescue these helpless civilians. Only in 1995 did the U.S. finally decide to

help, but by then it was too late. By then, approximately 100,000 civilians were murdered

and raped due to poor timing.

Over the years the US has been keeping an eye out for tensions rising in the world

in case of genocide. There has even been an organization started called the Genocide

Watch. They try to predict where the next genocide will be and help prevent it from even


As a nation, we should support the victims of genocide with humanitarian relief

and never be a bystander of the atrocities that happen in the world. We should not remain

silent to these barbaric hate crimes against one of our own.

As a world, we need to aid and support each other through strenuous times
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