How To Punish Your Inborn Drive

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Bishop T.D. Jakes, last Tuesday I finished your inspiring novel “Instinct; The power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive”, and I have to say it’s one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever laid hands on. This novel clearly defines you and your purpose as an educator and a faith leader in our society. The way you deliver your messages are so powerful; I often felt as if I was sitting front row, on a Sunday morning, listening to you preach just the words I needed to hear. You provided me with advice that reshaped my thinking and redirected me to a path to live a more fulfilling life from now on. I do believe your novel makes readers look in the mirror and find the innate abilities God has given us and encourage us to show them off to the world. You…show more content…
If we don’t follow our hearts and our dreams what’re we really living for? You and I relate so much because my parents also have told me to take risk and live life to the absolute fullest. Not to just make it by fitting in, or going along with what everyone else is doing, but to be different and thrive in the world we live in. When you talked about acting on instinct you made me realize more than ever that if I want to get anywhere in life I have to get up and make it happen. I appreciate how relatable you make this chapter because it’s easy to just tell someone to always act on instinct, but it’s another thing to explain through your life story how acting on instinct has made you so successful. I compared it to a any math problem, it’s easy to give me the answer but it’s more effective and beneficial on my behalf to show me how to work it out and get the answer. You do that throughout this entire…show more content…
Sometimes you just have to [be ready, aim, and pull]. Life is not like a box of cake, it doesn’t come with instructions. You taught me that “going for it” is okay and that I might just surprise myself in the end. But you made it very clear that life’s most precious things come from hard work and risk taking in order to get to where you want to be; I couldn’t agree more. I believe those who live life from an instruction manual don’t experience all life has to offer. This chapter taught me to listen to myself and more importantly to my heart. Instead of standing at the edge of the pool, I’m going to jump in from now
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