How To Quit Gymnastics

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Imagine walking on a four-inch piece of wood that is four feet off the ground, or flying through the air performing skills people only dream of doing. Gymnastics is a sport that taught me many things including, how to preserve through difficult situations and how to overcome my fears. I did gymnastics for ten years before I decided that the sport was too stressful and time consuming. A week before I decided to quit gymnastics I was discussing with my family and friends that I wanted to join cross country. It was the beginning of ninth grade and I was not enjoying gymnastics as much as I used to. I didn’t want to quit entirely because I was progressing my skills on beam and vault, but at the same time the sport became too much to handle. I also knew that if I wanted to run cross country that I would not be able to do gymnastics since the sport required me to drive up to Lincoln four to five times a week. Deciding whether to…show more content…
I was extremely nervous and anxious to tell them. I had never quit another sport before, so I didn’t know what to say. When I walked in I quickly rushed over to one of the coaches. I explained that I wanted to join cross country and that I could no longer continue doing gymnastics. He was understanding as were all of the other coaches. One of my favorite coaches told me that I was one of his best gymnasts and that he wishes that other girls had the same work ethic as me. He, also, told me to continue with pole vaulting in track because he thought I had potential to succeed. After I talked to all of the coaches I said goodbye to my teammates. Talking to my teammates lead me to be very depressed as I knew that I would not get to see them almost every day from now on. Afterwards, I began walking out the door, but before I left one of my coaches handed me a keychain with a gymnast on it. I still have the keychain attached to my home
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