How To Raise Children In Russia

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I am honestly unaware of why I initially picked Russia for my country comparison for this blog. Yet through some research, I have found some extremely interesting contracts between the two countries. First, let us begin with how each country views raising their children. In the US we attempt to raise our children by ourselves with only occasional help from our parents but basically making it up along the way. In Russia, it couldn't be more opposite. As Gorman states in "How to Parent Like a Russian", that it "takes a village to raise a child". By saying this she is referring the everyone being involved in shaping the child's life. The grandmothers or "babushka" will immediately tell you if she doesn't approve of what your child is wearing or doing. This practice is normal since Russia has remained traditional in their child-raising styles. This meaning you raise your children just the way your mother raised you and so on because that is how it is and how it will remain.
Secondly, in the US we have "helicopter parents" who are highly
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In Russian "there's no such thing as overdressed" whether it is for the children's play previously mentioned or simply a stroll outside. For performances, it would easily be aquated to children's oscar worthy outfits every time there is a fine arts event. The other overdressed situation occurs when it comes to dressing for the cold. Russians believe if you don't dress warm, you'll instantly receive a cold. This overdressing is slightly more understandable when put in the context that if you sit on cold stone steps you will freeze the eggs in your ovaries. These are a few of the contrast I found between the United States and Russia. I am such that there are plenty more differences but it is always interesting to see how the world changes from one hemisphere to the
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