How To Raise Farm Animals Persuasive Essay

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Jalea Caldwell
English IV
Mrs. Sites
20 April, 2017 As a deliberate deception, most companies sell food labeled as ‘sustainable’. This causes a widespread myth about where the food actually comes from. The Animal Welfare Institute conducted a study investigating twenty-five companies and only finding five with sufficient information. The other eighty percent had no official documentation to support what they claimed to be doing. Almost all food companies misuse their advertising slogans, messages, images, and packaging. There is no true reflection of the animal’s life cycle (Geer 7).
“If people were to see the reality of life for the animals who end up on their plates; to see, smell, and hear what the animals have to experience, most would …show more content…

Farm animals go through a lot of suffering and stress to meet the consumer’s needs. Factory farms use antibiotics for the wrong reasons without consideration of the animals and the customer’s health and it should be regulated properly. Antibiotics have many negative effects and there are better solutions to how to raise farm animals properly. Labels mislead the people of believing the animals of being naturally farmed, but that is not the case. Citation Page
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