How To Raise Minimum Wage Essay

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Stephen Atkins
Dr. Rovira
8 Nov. 2016
Minimum Wage The concept of minimum wage in America has been a source of controversy for the past 80 years. Minimum wage is the least amount of money that employers can pay hourly employees per hour. Since its creation in 1938 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it has been raised twenty-two times by twelve presidents. The concept of minimum wage was created with good intentions: increase the earning power of all workers and eliminate the exploitation of employees by employers. However, raising the minimum wage restricts social mobility, creates less job opportunities, causes little motivation in employees, and forces employers to either raise prices or fire employees. Many people believe that raising the minimum wage would make all employees lives easier and that employers and the economic elite are the reason that the minimum wage does not rise. Not only does this line of thinking run contrary to the most basic economic principles of a free society, but it is also illogical. If government could raise the real wages of millions of Americans by merely passing a law announcing that fact, then why stop raising the minimum wage at all. A 500-dollar minimum wage would be better than a 10-dollar minimum wage. But the “logic” is perfectly consistent with the
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For example, inexperienced doctors, during their training, work at wages, which are a tiny fraction of that of trained doctors. College students forego considerable amounts of money in the form of tuition and foregone income so that they may develop marketable skills. It is ironic, if not tragic, that low skilled youths from poor families are denied an opportunity to get a start in life. This is exactly what happens when a high minimum wage forbids low skilled workers to pay for job training in the form of a lower beginning
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