How To Raise The Driving Age To 18

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After reading “Should the Driving Age Be Raised to 18” and “Do Teens Need Graduated Licenses.” I asked myself, which one will decrease teen car accidents? There are car accidents every single day. You can’t stop the accidents, but there are ways to decrease the chances of it. The first way, is to raise the driving age to 18, and the second way is to make sure they participate in a graduated licensing program. After reading both passages, I say the GDL program (graduated driver’s licenses), will be the most efficient and successful way to decrease teen car accidents. Since, raising the age to 18 will solve nothing. No matter what age, there will always be accidents on the road. In the passage, it said that teens are not ready to be behind the wheel. I think no one is! Some people are 18, and they aren’t ready to be behind the wheel too. In the passage, there were people who opposed raising the age. They said that raising the driving age will just create inexperienced, accident-prone drivers at 18 instead of 16, and I agree. Raising the driving age to 18, will not solve anything at all.…show more content…
According to the passage, the GDL program generally allows teens to earn driving privileges gradually or slowly. Example, GDLs allow 16-year-olds to drive only during certain daylight hours, which would be much safer than driving at night, and a better way than raising the driving age. When the teens gain more experience, they earn more privileges, which I think makes sense. According to the passage, opponents of GDLs say that the license is ineffective and needlessly complicate teens’ lives. Think about it, the system is very complicated, but it’s important. Since this system or program can save many lives, and even decrease teen car
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