How To Save Ziplboff

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Save the zippleboffs! They’re endangered and need help. If nothing happens, 2 species we’ll be wiped out. Them and the predator, the picklebeafs. The zippleboff is endangered, help is needed. They are disappearing rapidly. In the last ten years there species has declined 50%. Cornell Scientists think that zippleboffs could disappear in 20 years. Cornell Scientist also think that a global effort to help preserve them could conclude in a 25% boost over the same course. The zippleboffs can help with disease for mosquitos. They eat mosquitos. So in places where they have been taken away, diseases for mosquitos have raised between 100 and 200%. Picklebeafs need zippleboffs to live, help them to also save picklebeafs. Zippleboffs are the picklebeafs primary food source. In places zippleboff got taken away, picklebeafs have disappeared in 5 years.
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