How To Set Time Limits For Children In The USA

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Children in the U.S.A. have an avereage of 7.5 hours behind a device every day! Between 2011 and 2013, children ages 8 and younger more than doubled their usage of technology with screens. There are multiple ways that setting time limits for children on thier devices can benifit their overall sleep, development, and depression.
First of all, sleep is essential for children, and putting a television in front of them will only make it more difficult. Because, according to a scientific journal artical, light from screens confuses viewers' body clocks. Which is ultimatley linked to disrupted sleep patterns. By Applying time limits we can give our children sweet dreams, and a better future.
Next, is how time limits will benifit the development of a child. Studies report that television viewing by preschoolers lowers their executive functions and abilities to complete a given task. There has also been a signifigant decrease in kids' creativity over the past fifty years. By setting time limits we can help kids get better grades again.
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Spending time in front of a screen can fracture viewers' attention and sap mental energy. Screen time takes both a physical and mental toll on kids. And with all of the media buzz, I wouldn't be surprised. By creating time limits we could stop younger kids from becoming depressed.
All in all, children spend too many hours behind an electronic device, 'frying their brains.' However if we would be to impose time limits for our children, it would be benificiary to their depression, developement, and
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