How To Shoot A Jump Shot Essay

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Everyone can handle the ball, and pass the ball, but not everybody can shoot. Whether it is open, contested or off the dribble, to be able to shoot the ball ,will take your game to the next level. To be able to shoot the ball well, requires a lot of time and practice to ensure a high shooting percentage. The time used to practice should focus on form, balance, and timing which are essential to having a great shot. Having balance for a jump shot is the first thing that should be addressed.
First you must spread your feet shoulder width apart to maintain a certain leverage. Next make sure that your feet aren’t flat footed, nor on the heels of your feet. To maintain a correct balance you must stand on balls of your feet. Then keep your head up
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Then have the elbow aligned at a 90 degree angle while trying to position the shot. This is affecting the strength of the wrist and hands before the shot is released. Lastly follow through with your shot to the basket. Meaning to guide the shot as its being released from your hands to the basket. The timing of the shot is the last, and most important part of the shot.
With perfect timing allows the shot to be not only complete, but also successful. It allows you to understand when to make the release, and follow through with your shot. This process doesn’t require really any steps, but merely just an understanding of the shooting process. Once timing is perfected along with the other steps, a jump shot could be deadly during a game. With balance, form, and timing all marked down the possibilities could be endless. A player with a deadly jump shot is always a threat to an opposing team. If utilized properly a shot could be made contested, uncontested, or off the dribble which would allow any player to be unstoppable on the court. Players such as Devin Booker, J.J Reddick, Kyrie
Irving. Damian Lillard, and Stephen Curry all utilize this aspect of the game, and in that became very great players due to
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