How To Silence Evan Walker

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The story begins with a priest hidden in a bunch of caverns used by refugees near Urbana, waiting for the end of winter with the other survivors. The priest turns out to be a Silencer (genetically modified Others) and he silences the human survivors that very night. He then talks to his false shrine in glee, waiting for the day when mothership will drop green bombs that will obliterate every city on earth, which will begin the 5th wave, completing the destruction of Earth. The story leaves the cackling psychopath for a while and turns to Ringer, who has just been enhanced by Vosch. She escapes, but not without unknowing carrying a child, result of the 12th system and a friend she made while imprisoned. However, 40 days after the escape, she goes back to Vosch's watchtower after she realizes that they both have a common goal: to silence Evan Walker. The book moves back to Cassie, who is talking to Evan, broken up over the fact that her brother Sammy has forgotten his ABC's and his own mother's face. This is especially bad because these traits are all that's left of humanity. Evan responds by telling her that he has also forgotten what it means to be compassionate, ending the discussion when he tells her that he has also forgotten his ABC's.Cassie is walking back to the house when she runs into Ben. He explains that he's going after…show more content…
When it comes, Ringer attacks. She and Cassie They also take out all of their tracking beacons from their necks and place them in their mouths. They begin to prepare at the Urbana Caves by making homemade bombs. When the chopper arrives, Ringer attacks the soldiers. She and Cassie board the helicopter but leave a wounded Zombie behind to watch over Nugget and Megan back in the caves. Ringer and Cassie capture the helicopter pilot- coincidentally the same pilot Ringer captured while fleeing the base in the previous
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