How To Stop Frisk

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Stop and frisk Essay

I disagree that stop and frisk practices should be continued in the U.S.My reasons for this is it’s making more crimes happen, it’s racial profiling, and it’s unconstitonial. Although some of the people who have been caught in a stop and frisk have had done illegal things, most of the people that got stopped were innocent.

My first reason is it has just made more crimes happen.When Bloomberg became the mayor of New York,over 700,000 crimes had happened from 2000 to 2010 in New York.The NYPD killed Sean Bell a 23 year old unarmed black man in 2006.He was shot 50 times the night before his wedding. After all, this increased crimes.A crime is an action consists offense to the state law.In addition, this is just causing more things to happen and racism this is not helping
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As can be seen in the amendments we should discontinue stop snd frisk because we are not following the admendment.

On the other hand in the first presidential debate, Presidential candidate Donald Trump argued that stop and frisk was effective in New York and other people agreed with him.
But also 80 to 90 percent of those people that were stopped were doing nothing wrong.Also in 2013 a federal judge in New York said that the policy of stop and frisk was discriminatory and unconstitutional.Therefore, these reasons show why stop and frisk should be discontinued.

In conclusion, disagreeing with stop and frisk practices can help racism decrease.Stop and frisk practices are just causing more crimes, it’s racial profiling, and also it’s unconstitutional.These are my reasons why stop and frisk practices should be
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