How To Survive

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How to Survive

Introduction: Have you ever been in the woods for a whole day well let me tell you it is harder than you think. When you go in the woods you would think of a lot of things. The first thing I would think of is shelter. You need shelter if you try to go outside for a whole day. When I show you this essay you will see an introduction which I am typing right now, building shelter paragraph, getting food paragraph, building fire paragraph and for a little extra some mistakes that we did as a group also do not forget the conclusion.
Building a Shelter: Building a shelter is hard. We had to have Mr.Dejong help us with that shelter at first to try to find a good place to start building it but once we started it was hard to stop. What we did is we got a long, long dead branch and put it next to a tall tree branch so it was kind of in a diagonal it was more sturdy. But once we got it to stay we got some other branches. We got big branches to small branches we put the small branches closer to the end and big branches closer to the big part of the tree. Once we got all of those branches settled I found some bark on a dead tree, so we decided to use it for the floor and the outside so it would not do so much rain damage to the shelter. It took a long time and a lot of dirt under the nails but it was worth it because it looked awesome when we were done with the shelter. When we were all done with that we decided to put some pretty leaves on top and the inside so it would camouflage along with the tree’s.
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If you do it in the wood’s You will not have the best luck putting it out if it catches on fire. Once the fire starts it is hard to stop it, especially if you are in the woods and I doubt it you have a fire extinguisher with you to put out the fire. Get big rocks and surround them in a circle big enough for the sticks and logs you will be putting in the fire to get it started. When we tried to get a fire started it was really hard, but we managed to do it and get the stick warm but we did not get smoke or a flame. Anyway when you get to your fire before you get started get some little twigs and then some big logs but do not start of with the big logs, when you start a fire always start of with the little stuff. When you have paper you would often use the paper, but dry leaves work to. You want to get some sort of string or a shoe lace or something often related to those two sorts of things. Get a piece of wood (flat) and put this on the ground, then get a sturdy stick and just hold on to it for now. Then you want to get your string or shoe lace or whatever you got and tie it around the stick STICK not the piece of wood. After that put the stick on the wood. Once you are done with just turn really fast until you see smoke. Then this is when the dry leaves will come in handy, put the leaves under the piece of wood. After that you want to do the turning thing again this time do it a little bit longer than the other time. Once you do this get the leaves from under put it on your fireplace and get the twigs. Then the twigs will catch on fire and once it starts to get bigger just gat more and more sticks and then BAM you got yourself a
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