How To Survive The Sinking Of The RMS Titanic

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I always wondered, what if I survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic? Well, one day, I built a time machine in my basement. It took me a few years. Then, when I was 12, I jumped in. Suddenly, I was in an old fashioned car heading for a building. I got out of the car, and then I saw myself wearing a gown. I went inside the building that was in front of me, and I suddenly saw a man and 3 others, playing poker to win a Titanic Ticket. Then, I was offered to play poker for the same ticket. So I accepted the offer. As I played, I thought to myself, what if I win? What if I’m on my way to New York? Then I stopped thinking. It was time to reveal my cards. One man, wearing ripped clothes, had 4 kings. The other man had 4 jacks. I had 4 aces! I won!
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