How To Toe Assessment

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Interview for Health Assessment Health assessments are essential for patients because it identifies any abnormalities or problems with the patient’s body. Nurses must be capable to perform a head to toe assessment and communicate with the patient if something foreign is identified in their assessment. The assessment I performed had all of the key aspects, but had some errors that need improvement. This paper will identify some of my errors, a plan to mend these errors, and promote gratitude for performing the health assessment. Identifying Errors When assessing and documenting my health assessment on my patient, I documented some information incorrectly. One of my errors was where my patient fell in birth order of his siblings. I did not identify…show more content…
The Joint Commission states that miscommunication is the main cause for unforeseen situations that could lead to harm, injury, or death of a patient (as citied in Noland & Carmack, 2015). For both of my errors, I think miscommunication was my failure. I failed ask my patient how old he was compared to his siblings. I think I could fix this problem by asking the patient how old each of his siblings are or how he falls between his siblings by age. I think this allows the patient to elaborate how old they are between their siblings. For my second error also being about miscommunication, I think restatement and/or elaboration are solutions to my problem. I could have restated the question of how to you smoke to how many packs a week would you say you smoke. The tool of elaboration could have been used by asking him to talk about his day and when this habit is practice in his daily life. Therapeutic communication is an effective tool that can decrease my rick for error. “This skill takes practice but can be learned with attention and awareness. It takes time to learn to listen for messages that might otherwise be unheard, but this careful listening contributes greatly to a therapeutic relationship”(Jensen, 2015).The key to my miscommunication problems is clarifying and correcting them so the same errors do not
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