How To Use Mise En Scene In The Godfather

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Mise en scène envelopes the most perceptible aspects of a film that includes the actors, costumes, setting, and any natural and artificial details that represent the movie. According to Goodykoontz and Jacobs "We get our initial feeling about the characters and what might happen by seeing where they are, what their belongings are, how they are dressed, how they are lit, and how they react" (2014). While The Godfather was shot in 1972, it's setting takes place in the years after World War II. We see at the beginning of the movie when Michael returns home from the war, his military suit is indicative of that time. Michael does not want any parts of the family business but as the movie progresses, we see him change from a boy to a man in his dress, speech, and character. He is barely recognizable as the person we met at the wedding. …show more content…

The mise en scene is incredible. As the film begins we see the Don in low key lighting speaking with his cohorts. The lighting provides a very rigid yet calm feel with a bit of mysticism. You can barely see him as we are introduced to the mightiest of them all Vito Corleone. All the while he is speaking deep focus is used to let us know that he is the powerhouse, and everyone else is just there. He is keeping up with the old world tradition of granting favors on the day of his daughters wedding. The camera zooms out taking away any power that the man speaking to Vito has as he grovels at the Don's feet for

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