How To Write A Biblical Worldview Essay

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According to an article by Time in the Word, “Our worldview is simply a grid through which we view all of life.” The way that we act or react to any given situation is funneled through assumptions or perspectives through which we have been exposed to, an effect of our culture. As sinful human beings, many do not understand that they are lost, and until they are exposed to the truth of God’s Word, they do not know anything but what they have been taught in society. Every man, woman, and child will be born with a world view unless shown differently. It is because of this that we need to be sure of our faith, knowledgeable in the Word, and certain about the truth. People often times see Christians as just another label someone puts on themselves to pretend to be all righteous and holy. These luke-warm Christians, wither they believe it or not, will answer to the All Mighty God for the…show more content…
For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” 2 Cor. 4: 18 (NIV). “God has faith or confidence in his own spoken word. God created the universe by his spoken word so, "that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen. Heb. 11:3.” A biblical view on faith does not begin in looking at the New Testament or with looking over the old, but looking at the fact that faith has always existed with God. By faith worlds were framed and by his words he created them. Faith has always been, just as God has always been. Christians focus their eyes on the things they cannot see, yet faith is critical in receiving anything from God. Faith is based on knowledge of God, not just simple trust or blind trust but knowing the One who is leading and guiding on a daily basis. And in some ways just like the worldly view, the biblical view is from the standpoint of having a greater faith based off of historical evidence, not only in personal testimonies but those in the bible that encourage and build a greater
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