How To Write A Biographical Profile Essay

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Biographical Sketch: Jason Jason is a 22 year old, white, agnostic male. He’s the youngest of 5 boys and grew up in a Jehovah’s Witness Household with a bi-polar mother and a now emotionally distant father. Up until puberty, he and his parents were very close. His mother was a stay at home parent, and he recalls many instances when they would bake cookies and watch soap operas together. Though his father worked very long hours as a contractor, he found time to take his son out to eat, to plays, and to amusement parks when he could. That isn’t to say that the relationship between his parents was loving, as Jason’s parents would fight constantly when Jason’s dad was home on the weekends. It got so bad that his mother attempted to stab his father and tried to grab his…show more content…
Though Veronica is a woman and Jason considers himself mostly attracted to men, her gender is irrelevant as sexuality is not black or white. With that being said, Jason’s relationship with Veronica, as well as his past relationships with men, are and were in a state of ambiguity. Veronica, who has a boyfriend, considers herself a straight woman but allows Jason to push the boundary between friends and lovers. Sometimes she is receptive to his advances while other times she outright rejects him. Veronica’s occasional receptiveness to Jason’s emotional and sexual advances has resulted in Jason forming intense feelings for Veronica. As she is a straight woman, attracted to males who identify as men, Veronica doesn’t love Jason the way that Jason loves her. The inconsistency and “on and off” mood of their relationship causes Jason great distress, depression, and anxiety. He feels as though he is constantly in between a friend and lover with Veronica, but doesn’t realize that he is consistently ambiguous in many areas of his
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