How To Write A Chapter Summary And Analysis Essay

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The night before Tori’s trial, for allegedly killing Kevin Cooper. She gets a call from a random number, or otherwise later known as Andy/Andrew. Andy tells Tori that he is going to kill himself, and at first Tori is unsure if Andy, is actually going or if he is just pulling a prank on her. They stay up all night talking to each other, which eventually leads Tori to go and meet Andy in person the next morning. Where she and Andy continue to talk and she finds out who Andy really is. Throughout the story there is flashback of Facebook posts from both Tori and Kevin, these posts show the cyber bullying that occurred but also this posts show the way Tori reacts to the bullying that is happening to Kevin. As it progresses instead of Tori stepping…show more content…
Tori is a very selfish character and remains static for most of the story. As she talks to Andy, she is still more worried about her problems rather than the problems that others face around her. She feels threaten sometime while talking to Andy because she feels as though if Andy died while she was the phone with him it could affect her trial. Even though at the end of the story she starts to realize that she has a part in hurting Kevin, she is still selfish she shows the part of her which is caring, and determination the to help. This passage is the first time she realizes that her words that she thought were just jokes, were more than just jokes. And that these jokes weren’t worth it to try to fit into a group of ‘cool kids’. Andy is the other main character in this story he is a very rounded character throughout the story he someone who is lost, vulnerable and alone to some one who wants to help Tori realize that the jokes may have been funny to her but they were hurtful to others and teach her a lesson worth learning. In this passage he tries to tell Tori that her might’ve not directly killed Kevin Cooper, but indirectly killed him through the words she
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