How To Write A Clinical Reflection Paper

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Last Monday, Feb. 27, I helped Katie Jetter with her medical history, periodontal assessment, and x-rays procedures. From viewing Katie’s performance, I could see myself a year ago. I can’t believe I have gone this far in the learning process. Katie resembled me a year back with little knowledge of the patient’s treatment process. I evaluated Katie’s medical history procedure and her radiograph technique. Her weakness was the treatment process and time management. For the treatment process, she did not know that after going over medical history with her new patient, she also needed to complete vital sign before signing for check. I showed her where to record patient’s vital signs and helped her to key in the numbers in the Dentrix Note Page.…show more content…
Teaching someone was not easy. Although I wanted to suggest her my way, telling her what to do could be somewhat offensive. For example, I wanted to suggest her how to record probing depth on the Detrix system. It was easier to record the numbers from left to right since the system is setup that way. When she recorded from right to left she would have to make sure that the numbers are not jumping everywhere. Sometimes, when a recording number jumped to a different tooth it changed the previous recording of that tooth. Obviously, it will frustrate the clinician and making her to re-probe the tooth. Her time will run out if she keeps re-probe her recording. However, I could understand why she preferred to probe from right to left (tooth number 17 to number 32). It was because she was not used to her tooth number yet. She found it easier to go in order than to count it backward. Nevertheless, I explained that she will be used to it and will be able to recognize tooth numbers before she knows it. Saving time in the clinic is very important. Especially, periodontal assessment always takes the most time out of other…show more content…
All instructors should have the same standard for grading assignments. Especially when there are many instructors who have different criteria on what they are looking for, it is hard for the students to follow and do what is called “the right things”. For example, human need and self-assessment are graded differently among our instructors. To one instructor, the work was perfect. The students receive a grade of 97%. The students followed the same pattern and rubric. They turned it in to another instructor, but they only receive 75%, some even did not pass. That is a hug grade gap for the same work done. This will massively confuse students. They won’t be able to learn “the right things” because the instructors don’t have the same grading consistency. Students were confused when they fixed their mistakes which thought to be correct. However, it was found to be wrong by another
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