How To Write A Commemorative Speech To A Special Person

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Good evening everyone, I am proud to be given the privilege to award this special person tonight for her outstanding endurance and perseverance through the year 2016-2017 and standing with dignity and pride for all the hard work she has done for humanity in her lifetime.
This person deserves this award because they're the most hardworking and determined person that I have ever met. This person goes out of their way to help people even when she needs help herself, but still knows when she also needs time to focus on what she needs done. She is so spiritually in tune with life that any hard decision or roadblock that comes her way, doesn’t phase her, because she knows that somehow, someway, it will work itself out. She’s given up so much to help her family, but just when you think that’s all she can take
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She is 58 years of age, married to Stan Rice, and graduated high school in the year 1984. After high school she went on to college to get her associate's degree in Business Transportation Law Management. She worked at Truckers Exchange for almost all of her life until 2012 when she decided her life had another calling, and that was to help the mentally handicapped, Rebecca had enough experience with truckers yelling at her all day everyday that she knew this job would be just right for a little piece and quiet. From then on she went to work for Bost.
Rebecca knew that she loved helping people, but wanted to go back to school, after working for “Bost” for three years, she went to go get her CNA license, which she successfully succeeded at getting in 2015. Shortly after getting her license, she went to work for Valley Springs Rehabilitation Center in downtown Van Buren. Which, she is still working for in this present day.
I am proud to present this year's award for more endurance and perseverance in the year 2016-2017 to Rebecca Rice, for her outstanding abilities and time she has put into helping
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