How To Write A Craduation Essay

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After a long, and trying 8 week intensive spanish language class, the day had finally come for my classmates and I to finally graduate and move on in our individual academic careers. This day was largely bittersweet for me, since I struggled mightily every day, more so than anyone else in the class due to my weak Spanish aptitude. But I would persevere and earn an A- for 12 credits which has greatly impacted my GPA. Yet despite this great achievement, Professor Joel Rini gave me something that was better than any good grade. This gift was Professor Joel Rini pulling me aside at the graduation party, and telling me, “Zach I am so proud of have this natural talent to be endearing to the point, where people love to be around you,…show more content…
This gift is very powerful, it allows me to be an effectively lead, and it is a gift when used correctly, can make the world a better place for those around me. At the same time, with this special gift, comes my greatest weakness. This weakness or lack of humility is where I believe that I no longer have anything to learn, and I become over confident in my abilities. It is a weakness that threatens my ability to lead effectively. Over the course of this Resiliency and Leadership course, I feel that I have successfully cultivated awareness of my weaknesses and my strengths. With this newfound self awareness, I now feel that I have the ability to correctly balance, and center myself, in order to be the most effective leader that I can be. Reflecting on this class and the lessons that it has taught me, this paper uses a 3*3 framework to describe the events that have allowed for personal growth and growth as a leader. The framework includes three tools that have increased my awareness of my “Weakness”, three tools that have increased my self-awareness of my strengths, and three tools which accurately describe the “balance” that I hope to achieve as a leader. The framework s picture below. Achieving balance as a leader Weakness + Strengths = Solution/Balance TKI Conflict Mode Instrument

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