How To Write A Descriptive Essay About Soccer

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The perfect day for a soccer game. The sky was blue, the sun was out, clouds were moving, and there was a warm breeze. This is the biggest game of the year for my team. My team, Panthers FC, was going to play our largest rivals for first place. The Fury FC had beat us Panthers every time we’ve played them and was the hardest team to play. It was both of our teams last game of the season and the Panthers had to win if we wanted first, and if we lost we would be second… Again. I’m sitting in the car while my wild mom is trying to pump me up for the game. All I can think about was what could happen if we lost by a ton. I’m so nervous right now and when I’m nervous I don’t play well. My mom turned off the 80’s rock music that she uses to try…show more content…
She should be benched for the rest of the game. Everytime she gets a shot she 90% of the time misses it. She isn’t a good player at all, she has horrible throw ins and her passes are never on target. “ MJ and Lauren go on outside mid. Reagan you play center mid. ”. I was shocked! I never played center mid for a game, I only practiced playing the position. Does coach think I’m good enough to play this spot in the game? I think. The Panthers get out to the field and the Fury is already lined up. I take a good look at the other center midfielder and she has to be at least five inches taller than me. I’m a pretty tall person, but this girl is…show more content…
Our girl is severely hurt and needs attention now!” I yelled The referee turned around and looked at me then Kinley than me again. He blows his whistle and stops the game, “Someone call an ambulance!” My coach and Kinleys mom run out to the field were Kinley and I were. One mom ran over with a towel to hold the blood. Minutes later an ambulance came and raced Kinley to the hospital. We had to continue playing because we were in the middle of the game. The ref calls halftime and we all run to the bench. “Okay girl, let’s forget about what just happened to Kinley she will be fine.” Coach said. “I sure hope she is okay” A voice from the crowd. “ I can assure you, Kinley will be fine. Now girls we need to get at least two goals this half. We can’t let them beat us. We all know that we are the better team. So same starting line up and instead of Kinley we are putting Lauren up front and Audrey go to Lauren’s spot.” We all head out to the field and Coach pulls me aside, “Are you doing okay in center mid?” He asked. “Yeah it’s just very different and a lot harder.” I reply “I’m putting you there because I feel like you are ready and you can go great in that spot. Now get out there and go score a goal for us!”I run out to the field and get in my starting
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