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A Fabulous Mademoiselle
Who can you count on to be outstandingly responsible? Someone who is the best Eagle citizen in this community I know. Who is on task, every second of every day? Someone who is the most affectionate I know. Someone special who shows all the character traits. This someone special is Charlotte Barnes. Charlotte is in fifth grade in Mrs. Beebe’s class. Every moment of the day, she does what she knows is right. She never second guesses her actions and words, because they are nothing but kindness and truth. She only does things she knows will benefit everyone in the environment. She doesn’t need to be told twice, or even once to do what she is supposed to be doing. She does so independently. So, if you are looking for a new
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Mrs. Beebe pops out of the classroom at least once or twice a day. During this short time, you can always find Charlotte quietly sitting at her desk, doing homework, or reading. She doesn’t goof off or talk. She reminds others, in a very kind and polite way, that they should sit and either read or do homework as well. After recess one day, most of our class was talking to one another when Mrs. Beebe was out of the room. Charlotte was wordlessly sitting at her desk reading. She politely told us we should quiet down and do our work. Charlotte not only showed integrity by sitting and reading mutely on her own, but by also reminding others what to do as well. When we are working, Charlotte doesn’t lean over and talk with her neighbors, she just sits there working in…show more content…
She goes out of her way to be amicable to everyone she meets. She always is there to support you when you are going through something hard and does absolute finest to put herself in your shoes to understand what is going on. One day I was very blue because my friend had just really hurt my feelings. Charlotte came in and talked to me. She asked me what was wrong and tried her hardest to cheer me up. Guess what, it worked! Never a day in your life will you ever find someone agitated because Charlotte was unkind to them. You will only find the opposite.
As you have heard, Charlotte is a friend you can count on for compassion responsibility, citizenship, and integrity. She has been there for me when I am upset, and I know she’ll be there for you too. I know that she will always keep her word and I can trust her. Charlotte never acts in ways that only help herself. She helps others as well. Finally, Charlotte is always on task. She doesn’t goof off. As you can see, Charlotte is an overall fantastic friend. If you ever run into her in school, become her friend and get to know her! I know for sure you won’t regret
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