How To Write A Letter To Rosa Parks

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On Oct. 17, 1955 I was heading to work, I got on a bus and went to the back and sat in the front of the black section. A white man got on and there was no seat in the white section so he stood. When the bus driver, whom I have had issues with before, noticed he was standing he asked everyone in the front row of the black section to get up and move. I faced a choice and I chose to get up. I chose to get up because as I always do I thought about the consequences way more then I should have and just decided to continue living my life quietly. Looking back on that day I regret the choice that I had made because I see what happened when Rosa Parks said no and stayed in her seat. I wish I had the courage to be like her and could have helped led to the changes that would later come more.…show more content…
Every time I think back to that day I believe that had I chosen to stay seated I could have helped bring about the change that Rosa Parks and many others helped to come about. Maybe, had I chosen to get up and caused the changes to come about sooner then others like Rosa Parks might have not had to go through what they went through. That is why I believe that had I thought about the choice less and made a decision based on what I believed was the right decision, rather than what society had made me begin to believe was the way that things should,be , things might have happened differently for Rosa Parks and
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