How To Write A Monologue For To Kill A Mockingbird

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What have I done? Its all my fault. Your dead and its all my fault. You tried to escape, but they shot you, they shot you seventeen times. They shot you dead. I’m the reason you were in prison. If I had ne’er of kissed you, then you would not have been in that situation. If my father wasn’t an abusive mongrel that was drunk the whole time, he would’ve never blamed everything on you. I don’t know how I can live now that your gone, and it’s my fault. I had a hope that maybe the court would do a re-trial and you could win and be released, but what was I thinking? You’re a nigga and this town is full of nigger haters. Bloody Maycomb! I hope that you received that fist letter that I wrote you because it took me a lotta time and effort, especially
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