How To Write A Montgomery Education Essay Outline

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I. Introduction – The Montgomery Education Foundation is a foundation centered around bettering the public-school system. The Montgomery County overall report card score is a 79/C. Montgomery County needs teacher quality, parental /community involvement, funding & overall student achievement to raise the lingering “C” to an “A”. Public schools have a disadvantage when it comes to funding. According to, recent research, has found that when schools have more money, they are able to give their students a better education.

II. Topic Sentence 1: Quality teachers are needed to instruct kids on the level in which they are required to learn.

A. Quality teachers are important in our schools, kids are with a teacher for at least eight hours per day. The different styles and techniques
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In every state, though, inequity between wealthier and poorer districts continues to exist. That’s often because education is paid for with the amount of money available in a district, which doesn’t necessarily equal the amount of money required to adequately teach students, according to

IV. Topic Sentence 3: When students see other students achieve it becomes a domino effect. Student achievement is very important!

A. Students learn better and recall more when they think they will soon need to teach the material to someone else.

1. Students watch was going on around them, whether it’s good or bad. Students emulate what they see their peers do.

2. With being around people in the education field I’m come to see this for myself. If one student in a class

V. Concluding Paragraph: In conclusion, the Montgomery Education Foundation is an awesome foundation that is geared toward seeing the Montgomery County Public schools succeed. They have put programs, funding, and quality teachers/assistants in place for parents to take advantage of to further their child’s
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