How To Write A Narrative About High School

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St.peter's girls High School, a school where love, tolerance, acceptance, and peace was taught and practiced. The place where I developed strong relationships with 5 girls all 6 of us were from different backgrounds; Hispanic, Italian, Trinidadian, Asian, and my self, Jamaican and Cuban.

We were all on the cheerleading team and enjoyed the moments that we were able to hang out with each other.

It was a cold, Thursday morning when Brenda, my Latina friend adopted by a Caucasian family, came in to class and excitedly informed us that her mom gave permission for all 5 of us girls to spend the weekend at her house. We were all filled with excitement, especially me, I was the captain of the cheerleading team and we were preparing for completion so we viewed this as the perfect opportunity to come up with a few routines that would knock the judges socks off.
Friday morning we all showed up to school with our backpacks and duffle bags eagerly awaiting the weekend to finally start. 2:30 pm the last bell rang we rushed out of class to the bus stop, which was a little odd since we were use to
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As the moon began to claim its victory we paced back and forth, occasionally sticking our heads out to look for the awaited bus, THEN it happened the moment that screamed to us RACISM is real. "FREAKING NIGGERS" exclaimed one of the Caucasians from their car as they slowed down to ensure that we could see the hatred and disgust in their eyes. Initially, our childish minds allowed us to laugh, but as we made our individual assessment fear crept over us as we realized we were In a predominantly white area on the very racist STaten Island. The same area where reports of abuse and murder of colored people was talked
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