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It had been the file… The cold enveloped around the bare emptiness, filling me with claustrophobia. A slight nimbus of light clung to me, unraveling sheer darkness while I waited for the hour hand of the clock to creep towards eight. I stared at the badge, glistening golden.

Exiting the car, the ocean breeze travelled with fear. Falling backward, the grazing against my skin left stains of the pure blood on the concrete, losing grip of the file. The papers crawled out of the folder, my eye fixed up the words “this criminal…” and I quickly retrieved the paper before the wind spread the paper violently across the dark bayside. The night fell, darkening to pitch, suddenly interrupted by a luminous shade of light.

The surge of light pierced
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People are frauds.”

I nodded uncertainly, but could not make eye contact. “He was scum. I knew he killed… But I knew we couldn't prove anything so…” In the silence, I murmured “… so your alone on the law?”

Notions of reality were questioned. Instinctively my body cast away from this creature.

A body. Lay in front of my bulging eyes…

Even the painful blinking of eyes didn't move from the dark outside. I thought how friendship and Police had always assumed they could coexist with each other.

Breaking from the trance, I focused on the looming in the lights. The clicking of suitcases open replaced the love that naturally resided in my heart. The sheen of pristine newness convinced me.

In the still wonder lucid tones blended with citrine and manila over this oil-slick surface of the water. A fluorescence of brightness sparkled like a witch’s cauldron, throughout the city. The high-rise building gleamed out like the stars.

In that moment I realised I had to decide between this file: few documents that were coated with magic. This file was a cure to stop an ongoing murder mystery. The importance this file had to the criminal and my friend. It was a life-changing document determining their life and death. The souls of the body spoke to me haunting my inner feelings. It had been this bayside…

The work had all come down to this hour, where the file lay along my innocence. It was the end of ‘ a complete mystery’. The quiet that permeated
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