How To Write A Narrative Essay On Life After High School

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Second semester was about to start there was only a couple of days left. Roberto was on the edge of either graduating or failing his senior year. Roberto set a goal to himself so when he returns back to school he will work harder, and focus more. He starts to organize the papers he knows are due right when he gets back from winter break. Roberto went to the store to buy school supplies that he needed to have to in order to be prepared for the start of the second semester. The end of the winter break came and it was time to get back into the school mode to finish the school year of strong. Roberto woke up he took a shower, got dressed, and ate some breakfast. He made sure that everything he needed was in his backpack and ready to go. He told his mother…show more content…
They get to the school meet with Tim and get to see all of the campus. Roberto’s little sister is all surprised from seeing the school and how big it is. Leslie asked him “How are you going to pay for your college?” Roberto answered “I will work different jobs and save some money to pay of the debt.” Months and months went by without Roberto getting a notification for all of the jobs he applied to. Until one day as he was off to bed he got a notification on his phone. The notification was from In and Out one of the places where he had applied to. Roberto started to scream super loud that he started to wake up all of his neighbors. “Shut that stupid kid!” One of the neighbors yelled out full of anger “I'm going to call the cops if you do not Shut up!” One of the down the street neighbors exclaimed His parents run to his room worried out of their life. “Are you out?” his mother Norma exclaimed “What is the matter? why are you like this at this time?” his father
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