How To Write A Narrative Of The Crucible

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NARRATOR: Once there was a girl named Dorothy. She lived with her Uncle and aunt in the Kansas prairies. One day Dorothy and her dog, Toto, were playing inside the house when a large cyclone appeared. It picked the house right up off its foundation with Dorothy and Toto still inside! It carried them high into the sky. After several miles, the house landed with a crash.
Dorothy walked to the door and found herself in a strange land. Standing before her was a crowd of tiny people. The little people seemed very happy to see Dorothy.
DOROTHY: Who are you?
MAYOR: I’m the Munchkin mayor. We’d like to thank you for killing the Wicked Witch.
DOROTHY: What do you mean? I haven’t killed anyone.
NARRATOR: The mayor pointed to the corner of the house and there, sticking out, were two feet in silver shoes.
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NARRATOR: The Munchkins explained that they had been the Witch’s slaves for years. Today, however, Dorothy had rid them of the Witch and they were free! The leader presented Dorothy with the silver shoes of the Wicked Witch.
MAYOR: These shoes are yours now; they’re magical.
NARRATOR: Dorothy thanked him and put the shoes on. They fitted her perfectly! Then she asked the crowd if they knew how she could
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