How To Write A Natural Helpers Letter To The Community

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Natural helpers is a national club that’s sole purpose is to serve the students of their school. At Park City High School, we constantly have new students moving in, so our biggest concern is implementing them into a comfortable and inviting school environment. Serving on the board of Natural Helpers for my junior and senior year as a Junior Representative and Communications Director has given me the opportunity to serve others and learn how to help organize a club. Both years, my favorite part of Natural Helpers has been getting to tour new students around the school. Switching schools and moving to a new city can be super hard especially during High School so my biggest concerns are that these students feel comfortable in their new surroundings, know where and when their classes are, and have someone to sit with at lunch.…show more content…
Moving to a new school is a super hard social change and I think it would be comforting to know that you have a friend and someone who will be there for you. I also help with the administrative side of the club by send out meeting reminders and touring times to the members. I enjoy being organized and wantI to make sure everything goes smoothly for these new students and those in charge of helping them. With the more social parts of the club, I get to help plan and attend activities for welcoming the new students, such as “The Welcome to School Barbecue”. We have a BBQ at lunch on the first day of school so that the Natural Helpers can meet all of the new kids and put names with faces. I have helped with planning the food and serving and being greeter to the new people to our
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