How To Write A Newspaper Article On To Kill A Mockingbird

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I am the sheriff of Maycomb county Alabama sitting in a dusty office and warm office when the phone rang. It was Bob Ewell and he said that his daughter was just raped by a black man named Tom Robinson. So I am on my way there now to see what happened and see if she is hurt. When I got to their house which was basically a dump Mayella was crying and had bruises on her neck and had a black eye. Now I knew that she was raped but I didn't completely think that she was raped by Tom Robinson. Now that I had seen what happened then I will see if i have to go and arrest Tom Robinson. After I looked at her Mr. Ewell told me that he walked in on Tom rapeing her and that he chases him through the house. So I then went to Tom's house and arrested him and told him that…show more content…
While Tom was at the jail he was going to be taken by a lench mob but Atticus was there and then his kids ran there. Scout then started talking to Mr. Cunningham by asking him to tell his son walter that he said hello which made him remember that he had a kid so the mob left. During court he was told that he raped Mayella and that he would be sentenced to death but a lawyer named Atticus Finch tried to defend him. Atticus had two kids names Scout and Jem which were made fun for their dad defending a niger. Atticus told them that he could not tell Jem or scout to do anything if he did not take this case. He unlike other layers tried to defend him. I was very happy about that because I did not think that Mayella was raped by Tom but by Bob Ewell. During the court case I said that Mayella had bruises on the left side of her neck but Tom's left hand was caught in a cotton gin when he was just 12 so he could not move it. So then it did not make sense to me so then I knew that Tom was innocent. After the trial Tom was found guilt and Atticus told him that he would try to get a repeal of the
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