How To Write A Observation Of High School Observation

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The school I was able to do the observation was Eastside High School where I observed sixteen hours of a class. The class I observe is an English as a Second Language (ESL) class that prepare students for college. The class is taught by Wilfredo Betance and he teach a 12-grade class. I wanted to do the observation at Union City High school were I graduate but the board of education took a long to give me permission. The other rest hours of the class observation were done with the classes videos. Those videos were very interesting to watch and they have so much information. First, I will provide information about the observation I did at the ESL class. In the class, there was some special students but they were not pointed out. This class consisted on teaching very different materials for college success for English Language Learner. The course is very helpful for students, and I which that I had that class since I was a ELL student. On the first visit, they were discussing a lecture about college history that they read before. They read and each wrote a response just like we do in most classes at NJCU. In other classes, they watch video about their topics and response and discuss the subject. The Others time I visited the class to do the observation they tend to talk about many subjects like bulling and substances abuse. The teacher was new but they pay much attention to him. Also, they talk about their goals and preparation for college. A few times they spoke Spanish, but
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