How To Write A Personal Diet Analysis Essay

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In this report it will be analyzing my personal diet. I analyzed myself over a 3 day period. During this period, I analyzed my eating habits on national holidays versus my day to day life. I am a 20 year old female (not pregnant or lactating) I estimate my weight to be 195 lbs. and my height is 5 foot 6 inches. My daily activity level is sedentary. My job is as a leasing professional and in that profession there is some foot traffic but not much. There is also limited heavy lifting. Out of work I participate in limited physical activity. I rock climb on some occasions and attend the gym occasionally. My personal goals currently is to stay healthy. As I lessen my work load I would like to increase my physical activity with strength training and cardio. Pertaining to my nutrition within the 3 days due to their being a holiday I ate more meat than usual. I try to add more vegetables to my diet. Fruit are not often added to my meals due to how quickly they decompose. I eat mostly organic products and limited dairy. I try to avoid bread and pasta and use vegetables as substitute in recipes that require them. …show more content…

I need to increase my fiber intake and reduce my sugar intake in order to lead a healthier life. I also need to increase my intakes of vitamin and minerals. Also, as I look through the charts I see that I need to keep my carbohydrate intake constant and limit my protein intake.
In the table shown, it reflects my diet over a 3 day period. It shows the intake necessary based on a 2000 calorie diet and shows if the participant was receiving over or under the amount of nutrient necessary during the 3 day

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