How To Write A Personal Reflective Essay

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Before this class, I absolutely despised writing. I hated writing about things I had no interest in. Teachers always used to tell me what to write about and I never seemed to have a choice. Coming into expository writing, I thought it was going to be strictly essay based. I didn’t even sign up for this class, so I immediately thought it would suck. It turns out, I was wrong. Essays can be fun as long as you enjoy what you are writing about. I like how we get assigned a topic, but from there you can personalize it. This class surprised me. I didn’t realize how much fun writing could be. At first, I thought the writing process was slow. It seemed so repetitive and I wondered how it could help me. As the year progressed, I learned that following each step of the writing process is the key to a good piece of writing. I really like putting…show more content…
It’s hard for me to put detail into everything I write. It’s also hard for me to gear it to a specific audience. Writing the “How to Survive Finals” essay was a little bit easier because it was apparent who my audience was. As for the personal portrait, I wasn’t sure who I was writing for. I didn’t know who would want to read about my sister. My best essay, the review, was geared to a certain audience. I spent so much time researching for the shopping community, that I exceeded expectations. Another thing that is difficult for me is using voice. Whether it be using creative vocabulary or having personality, I’ve always had trouble. When writing my college essay, I wanted to have a strong voice. I really wanted to show who I was as a person by using carefully chosen words and an efficient writing style. Even when I was specifically focusing on voice, I still needed to improve. This is a technique that I’ve never seemed to master. This is something I need to work a lot harder on. Maybe I could get better at this just by writing more and
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