How To Write A Phase Autobiography Essay

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Phase Autobiography

The summer of 2014, my mother signed me up for a drama camp at Steel River Playhouse. Who could have known that the adventures and experiences there would change my life forever. These incidents occurred because of my ever-loving, loyal parents and a flippant camper named Grace. Grace befriended me on the first day of camp. This first day created a joyous, light feeling. I was exhilarated that I made a friend so expeditiously. Soon, I realized that Grace was not a amiable as I thought she was. I allowed Grace to walk all over me because I was too passive to stick up for myself. Being a part of the play changed my life and it helped me overcome a problem in my life. When my mom registered me I never thought that I could ever go from a shy girl to a self-assured actress. At the beginning of camp, I was excited, thinking I would interact with new campers. As I arrive at the Steele River Playhouse, I came to realize that everyone there had already done plays before. I was an outcast. I befriended Grace, a girl who seemed to know everyone. When writing down stories at camp, Grace was always the lead. She explained that I was meant to be an understudy. A week had past and it was time to audition for the final showcase. I did not to partner with Grace for the audition. Being her friend was exhausting both
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Obtaining the monologue transformed my life. I became more confident in myself and am no longer nervous speaking of performing in front of crowds. I overcame my shyness and began to make acquaintances quite dexterously. Receiving the monologue caused me to pursue more theatre opportunities. Grace helped me learn that if someone is not a true friend and they are hurting you, it is alright to let them go. I resolved my problem with Grace by letting our friendship go and cutting ties wither. I am now confident and will continue to do more acting opportunities in the

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