How To Write A Reflection On A Clinical Experience

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This week I would say I had an interesting day. It was full of experience and knowledge too. Such as performing morning care for two residents and help, them to get ready for breakfast. I was glad for having the opportunity to help those people because the previous week I did not get the chance to help any resident with their morning care. Although my assigned resident refused care, including taking his blood pressure at the begging. Therefore, I had to leave the room for a while and look for another resident needed my help. Moreover, while waiting for my assigned patient, I had to go and help other residents with her care. It was learning experience for me helping residents with their care, but also at the same time. I was feeling helpful…show more content…
Which was really a good experience for me. As usual, my shift included helping the residents with feeding during breakfast and lunch meals. I was able to accomplish some of my goals for the preceding week, which was getting more organized and coming to clinical on time and prepared. My goals for next week are preforming vital signs for some residents and get to know my new assigned resident well. As well as getting to know the other site of the facility well, that I will be working on it the next week. My weakness comes in taking a while when giving a care to a resident. I will work on improving this next week. I am not looking at rushing the residents, but getting quicker and more organize. Nearly the end of the day, I was glad to gain my information about edema as well as watching a video, which was great too. I am looking forward for next week for another exciting day full of knowledge and experience. Overall, I am looking for learning very valuable materials that will be meaningful for me during my
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