How To Write A Reflective Account For Primary Care

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Primary Care: NHS Direct, NHS walks in centre, GP practices, Dentists, Opticians and Pharmacists
Secondary Care: Emergency and urgent care, Ambulance Trusts, NHS Trusts, Mental Health Trusts and Care Trusts
My client is currently is diabetic (Type 1) and has to have a regular check-ups also it’s very important that my clients goes to see her GP. My client regular visits her Dentist, Opticians, Pharmacists and Chiropodists .My client Opticians is Specsavers Chelmslay Wood shopping centre and her Pharmacist is Chelmslay Lloyd’s Chemist.
My client GP works in partnership with Heartlands Hospital and would communicate with Heartlands Hospital and tell my client hospital client medical history and all the problems what my client symptoms and referral …show more content…

If my client has no one to inject insulin for her or ran out of insulin her nurse can book a house visit to her and inject insulin for her. It’s very helpful for her because it prevents her from leaving her home and has time to look after her child which also is diabetic.
My client’s dentist is Craig Croft. He makes sure that her teeth and gums are clean and free of any infections and cavities. The reason why she visits the dentists more than most people because she is diabetic and she has more of a risk of getting infected if she gets a cut in her gums it will take longer to for her to heal then a person that isn’t diabetic.
The pharmacist offers the prescription medication she may need. They allow her friends and family to pick up her medication. The pharmacists give her insulin injections (injection pen) and a diabetes test strip.
GP services: Contraceptive advice, Coughs ,colds and flu like symptoms, Information on staying healthy, minor cuts and wounds, dressings and care, Muscle and joint injuries, strains and sprains, Skin complaints, rashes, sunburn and head lice, Stomach ache, indigestion, constipation, vomiting, diarrhoea, support for quitting smoking, treatment of small infections and Emergency dentists
All the services are applicable and accessible to my

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