How To Write A Reflective Interview With A Client

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Interviewing my client gave me an insight on what’s it’s like to be a social worker and view people from different standpoints, understanding how to engage with clients with physical illness. The improvements that I can make is when I was in Aurora my client I was a little nervous. I know is that I was speaking a little faster, I think that for future reference it when I'm in Iran my client I can slow down the process of the way I'm speaking instead of speaking so fast I also can't improve my eye contact because kind of seems like I was rolling my eyes a lot. Are used I can't text but that I can take that I use was more as in I was speaking with my eyes like my it is that a lot is Isa spoke a lot hand guess there is something that I could…show more content…
When I discovered with the client was going through I realized that the client was in a needy situation where he needed some guidance. I am not a day that I was sorry about what the client was experiencing in and I was going to have the client in any way that I could. I offer the client local referrals to pharmacies and shelter because my client was homeless and suffer from previous history of schizophrenia. Compared to my previous video I noticed lots of improvement. In the first video I was being repetitive I realized that I kept saying “Um”. When interviewing my client I don't recall saying “Um” as I did and the first time. The first time I felt as if I was convincing the client more than trying to help the client resolve the problem as I did in the second video. I remembered to give the client good feedback and express the empathy I felt for the client in terms of the situation he was dealing with. My voice has changed since the first time I interviewed a client, I noticed in the beginning I was speaking low and it was hard for the client t understand what I was saying. From my knowledge of interviewing my client as a social worker I’ve learned to respect client’ and the different
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