How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Of An Advertisement

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The Clean Stereotype
This advertisement for Mr. Cleans cleaning products is presented on a blue background on one whole page. The whole right side of the page is taken up by the dashing, clean-cut Mr. Clean himself. More towards the middle is an outline of a house with Mr. Clean’s products being used to clean up ordinary everyday messes. The most conspicuous part of this ad, however, would be the fact that every mess in the house is being cleaned up by a woman’s hand, while the product is presented by a man. Mr. Clean’s ad presents both an appeal and at the same time a stereotype towards and against women. This advertisement is suggesting that women are supposed to like muscular, hygienic men and are supposed to clean messes in their free time. The claim to a stereotype is suggested by the woman’s hand
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“He makes tough messes wish they were never made” and “when it comes to clean there’s only one Mr.” inspire you that there is only one way to go when it comes to a cleaning agent, and no mess is a match for this cleaner. These quotes could even venture into suggesting a sexual appeal to women since this a quote about a man and not necessarily about the product. If this ad was more about the product than the man himself the quotes would sound more like, “this cleaner makes tough messes disappear” or “when it comes to clean, there’s only one cleaner”. Again a stereotype towards women and what they are expected to like about men and do with their time is expressed in this ad.
The stereotype that all women are expected to fulfill is embodied in this advertisement to the full. Women boycotted for their rights in 1848, but it appears that they still have several discriminating stereotypes that might not ever go away. The stereotype that women are attracted to handsome, clean men and that all women clean is expressed and embodied in this
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