How To Write A Robotic Basketball Essay

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Tiarra Rodrigues and Ryan Hunter
Robot Basketball Essay #1
In order to actually make a basket, you have to understand the basic fundamentals of shooting which involve simple mechanics. Firstly square your shoulders towards the target whether it is a wall or the actual basket. Place your dominant shooting fingers under the ball, tuck your elbow close to your body and balance the ball lightly to achieve a greater percentage of success. The horizontal and vertical alignment of the person to the court needs to be at a reasonable distance to start off if you are a beginner. The most common shot is known as the free throw shot (used by mostly younger individuals) in which the person should lack the strength/ability to shoot the ball with one hand. Rick Barry, the former NBA player, was an advocate of channeling
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After the final dribble, the ball should meet the person’s hand and shouldn’t cross their mid-line. There is a shot also called a jump shot in which a person is to jump straight up and perform the basic shooting form. One of the more famous shots is known as the dunk; also the most popular person to perform this particular shot Michael Jordan. Dunk totals represent a general aggressiveness needed by a player to access this shot: a willingness to persevere through people and down the court, pick up your place from fouls, and to try for the offensive rebound, and athletic ability must be prominent– all things that a good team should have. Dunks are attained by a negative stigma from basketball purists because many have no compassion when their head is in the game such as players like Andre Iguodala: star players on bad teams whose score and dunk has garnered them more media attention from the public which helps the team but also turns one against his team mates also their financial compensation is endowed more than their actual natural basketball skills. Centers and power forwards are the types of players who
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