How To Write A Santa Monica Essay

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Santa Monica I remember when I first went to the beach for the first time, it was amazing. The good vibes for everyone, how it was so sunny, and the soft smooth breezy that would come from the ocean. Having such a huge, positive, impact with the different smells, taste, and many sounds. To begin with, I’ve been to many beaches, but the one that sticks out the most is Santa Monica. You can be a few miles away from the beach and you can smell the salt water. When you get closer to beach the smell gets stronger, like a pinch of green, seaweed. Getting closer we smell the different type of food, hot dogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes, burgers. Many different type of food making my mouth water, and my stomach growl. The pier being overcrowded, smelling the odor of…show more content…
Noticing we are surrounded by many, different type of other birds, as well. As we go back to walk the pier, we hear so many people, many different conversations. To my right, a family was fighting over whether they should go eat or continue to tour the pier. To my left is a happy couple, having a sweet conversation. So many commotion going on all around me, not knowing what to do. We comunited to walk to the end, and you hear a loud fast swish sound, and people screaming. As I look up I see a yellow and purple roller coaster, and a ferris wheel. Although, I’ve been to many different beaches, like I said, Santa Monica is always the one that sticks out the most. Seeing many different views, and so many different perspectives. From one side you see so many mountains, giving it such a beautiful view. On another side, you see huge building, and pretty big skyscrapers. On Another side you see a row of houses near by, all different color, and shapes. Looking beyond the horizon, you see all kinds of different sizes of boats, and many people jet skiing. It's such a beautiful place, having so many to see and feeling very
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