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California Credit Union Scholarship Essay: Question 1
By: Araceli Aviles
Both of my parent’s highest education level was the 7th grade and I witnessed them struggle financially to support my family due to under paying jobs. There was always a constant fear of possibly losing our home and being forced to leave. It was an experience that I did not enjoy being a part of nor ever want to be part of again. And for that reason, I know attending college and earning a degree will keep me away from reliving those moments.
Attending college will impact my life for the greater good and lead me to gain great achievements. I know as I attend college, there will be times I must step out of my comfort zone and speak up for myself. Which at times may not be easy, but thus, will lead me to become a confident and stronger person. Attending college will also widen my knowledge and show me different career routes, which will inevitably lead me to my perfect career choice. I hope to
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There could potently be a lot more jobs openings for me, and many different routes that will lead me to a decent living. And as I make a decent amount of money, I will potently go back to school and earn an even higher degree that will later lead me to an even better life. Above all, I know my success will benefit not only me but my community as a whole in various ways. For instances, if there is ever a troubled teen who feels as if they don’t know college is for them, I can share my story and how it helped me achieve a great and stable life. I can also visit my old teachers and talk to their classes and explain the amazing things college could offer for them. And lastly, having a degree in the health profession provides the community with another provider. There can never be enough health care providers in our community, medical care will always be needed, and we’ll always be here to
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