How To Write A Short Essay On Cold Mountain

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Cold mountain tells the story of the journey of a wounded confederate soldier named imman, when he decides to escape from the army and go back to his hometown Cold Mountain where his love Ada lives. The book alternates between imman's journey as he meets different people and struggles to not being caught by home guards and Ada's struggle to survive after she his father dies and she is left alone with her farm and not knowing how to do any of the necessary work. The author of this book, Chandler Frazier, a North Carolinian himself, gives the perspective of the common citizens of the south during the war, how they see it, what were their opinions about the reasons the war was being fought and about the union and the confederate members of the army This book is good at teaching about how many of the battles of the…show more content…
We learn how because of this reasons and after seeing so many people dying many soldiers started wishing for the war to finally end and some even decided to escape from the army when realizing that the fighting was not going to stop soon. Cold mountain is also good at teaching about the role of many native Americans during the war and how they formed troops and were used by the confederate army to help them fight against the federalist as for example when Imman reads about the Cherokees scalping the federals in one of the recent battles It also teaches about how women during this period were used to the men doing all the work while they stayed home and were educated on things like painting and learning how to play piano, like Ada, but when it came to taking care of the farms they did not know how to do it properly. It also shows that because of this reason, once men went into the fighting, women went into a difficult time in which they had to learn how to survive by
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