How To Write A Short Story: Esther's Way To Sogo Middle School

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One ordinary morning, Esther's mom came barging into his batman room yelling at him to wake up. He sat up right away and slipped on his favorite pair of green rubber shoes(1). These weren’t just any old pair of shoes, they were bright green, humiliating, hideous shoes, but that’s why Esther loved them. He never really cared what other people thought, nothing ever got to him. Until, he met Lindsay Cowell, she turned his world around. She was the prettiest girl Esther had seen, he was crushing hard, but she had a boyfriend. Ryan. Ryan has bullied Ester since 5th grade, over the past 3 years Esters life has been horrible(29). Ryan has done everything you can imagine, from swirlies to wedgies.
On Esther's way to Sogo Middle School, he stopped
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As soon as the bell rang he started to sob, he has never been late to one of his classes and been so humiliated in one day. Out of nowhere, he started to smell something burning. He wiped his tears away and got up. He slowly walked out of the bathroom and noticed smoke coming from the teacher’s lounge. Esther didn't know what to do until he heard a scream come from the room. He sprinted as fast as he possibly could in his green apple shoes.
When he looked in he saw flames glowing brighter than the sun around Ms. Togo. Bad thoughts started to form in his head(3). He dragged her arms and pulled her outside. The alarm started to go off as he saw everyone dash to get outside. Esther didn't see Lindsay leave though. Heroically, he stayed in the same spot and started to look for her blond hair, hoping she was safe(4). He did not spot her, so he went deeper in the warmth.
Lindsay was already far away from the school, she had athletics first period. But Esther still didn’t know.… he kept searching for her(13). He saw a body, but little did he know, it was just a bookshelf.
The next morning…
“We are gathered here today to reflect on the life of Esther Walker Jones-”
“Sorry to interrupt, but we would like to return the evidence we have collected from the fire, we didn’t find any bodies but we found two green crocs, laying there as if they were brand new
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