How To Write A Short Story: Kailani's Mistake

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Kailani finds a parking spot near the entrance at the first volcano. She sees many people, some tourists, some park rangers but no clue. She isn’t entirely sure what she’s looking for but knows it will be some kind of clue that will tell her where they’re keeping her dad so she can bring the ransom money. She hasn’t even thought about how she’s going to pay the ransom. She puts that thought aside for now.
Kailani puts the leash on Kiwi and changes her shoe to a hiking boot. Out of the corner of her eye she spots a little boy, no older than five, pointing at her. She looks in his way and hears him asking his mother, “Why does she have a metal leg Mommy?” To this Kailani heard his mom reply, “Be quiet Billy it’s rude to point!” Kailani turned
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She saw her boss who asked about why she was missing. Kailani answered, “Oh it’s nothing, I just needed a break. Sorry but I’ll be back soon. I promise.” And she rushed out of the restaurant hoping not to get anymore questions. She didn’t want others to know about her situation since the note that she found at the restaurant clearly stated that she can’t tell anyone about her father being held hostage or else they’ll know and she’d have no chance of getting him back.
Kailani sat down on a parking curb and ate her hamburger. The burgers were always huge and she was never able to finish them. She ate half of it and gave the rest to Kiwi who was exuberant when she saw the gift.
”Ok, so we’ve climbed four. Hey! That’s only one left,” Kailani walked to her car and took out the paper she wrote all the volcanoes that she had to climb on then sat down beside Kiwi who was still happily munching away at her lunch. “No, no, no, no,” Kiwi looked up. “The last volcano’s Mauna Loa. I forgot we’d have to climb it. It’s not only the largest volcano in Hawaii Kiwi, but the biggest in the world. Tourists don’t even go up there. And that’s our last hope in finding any type of clue to get to Dad,” Kailani was suddenly freaked out. She had no idea how she was going to climb Mauna Loa. She looked down at her leg and was suddenly filled with pain as she thought of having to climb the monstrosity with it. “No. We have to
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Kalani couldn’t stop thinking about the hike. How was she going to do it? Her prosthetic leg would make everything more difficult. She couldn’t stop thinking about all the dangers. What if she falls or faints, there’s nobody there who could rescue her. Yeah there was Kiwi and Kailani trusted Kiwi but she was sure Kiwi couldn’t get her medical help if anything like that happened. Or what if her legs get tired and she can’t go on. She could stop for a rest but then she’d run out of time and it’d be dark by the time she got out, if she got out. There were so many risks involved but Kailani knew it was her only chance to get her father back. The drive eventually came to an
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