How To Write A Short Story: Replied Ariana

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As I begin this story about a young woman who had things hard and her step sister There was a young woman by the name of Ariana that live with her step, mother and two sisters. Her father had gotten convicted for drug traffic and was sentenced 10 years in prison. Since her dad was going away he had decided on making arranged for Ariana to officially stay with her step mother. Ariana missed him so much more because when she lived at her step mother house she had to do all the work around the house in like her step sister that did not work around the house. Out of all his children I would say that Ariana was his favorite. Her other two sisters were Nene that was 12-year-old and Tanisha the same age as Ariana 17 years old. They were in their senior…show more content…
Wow that dress cost 700 dollars where I am I going to get 700 dollars’ form as Ariana sadly walked out of the mall face full of tears thinking about how much she wanted to impressed on Zip and go to the prom. Will what can I say their no way I will be able to go to the prom I should just give up and forget about this whole thing.
The next day Ariana wake up to some old woman responding to her ad for house cleaning.” Hello do you clean home because I have a really big home that could use some cleaning. I can’t clean my own home because I been in an accident and I’m very weak but if you do a good job you will be happy.” “Yes, I do housekeeping and I am available after 2:00pm so I will come to your house at that time”. So after school Ariana take the bus to the woman house and to my surprise this is a really big house “o my how will I clean this big house by myself from the looks of things I am going to need another person to complete this job.” Well I am already here so I will just knock on the door to see what going to happen. Here goes Knock Knock!! Ariana stand at the door and wait to have the door open by the woman who requested her work. I hope that the woman is home.” Hello my dear come right this way my name is Linda and I am so glad to see you my house has been so dirty and I have not been able to find my new book that I had recently
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Well that's necessary because I have saved up, all the housekeeping that I been doing really paid off.” “Let me see it “replied Tanisha. “Do you like it”? “Who bought that dress for you it is beautiful and it looks expensive I don’t know how you save up enough money for this dress but it defiantly going to turn heads.” Tanisha said as she was getting out of the shower and beginning to get dressed for the prom.” Well I am almost ready do you know when the guys are going to meet us for the prom”? Ariana mother walks ion the door Ariana What do you think that you are doing? You not going anywhere do you hear me you didn't clean the floor like you were supposed to. How dear you think that you will not do work in my house"! No but I will give them a call to see when they are going to pick up us.” Hello Zip when are you and your brother going to pick me and my sister up.” We will be there at 7:30 pm “Ok great I will see you then.” “Ok bye”. Ariana, Yes mother Ariana replies you know that you are not going to any type of prom your father would kill me if I let you out of my site so your not

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