How To Write A Short Story: Timmy's Mirror

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object flew from across the room and barely missed her head. She put both hands on the mirror now and as the mirror cracked more a loud penetrating screech echoed throughout the house and sent chills down her spine. Then she felt a cold clammy hand tightening around her neck. “No!’ she yelled. “I’m so close she drew back her right hand and smashed her beautiful blue and black rock into the mirror.” As she hit the mirror a splatter of blood emerged from her hand and landed on the fragments of mirror. The grip on her neck loosened, the lights came on, and Timmy awoke by gasping for air. “Timmy” His mom sobbed as she hugged Timmy. “I thought I lost you” Drew and his dad hugged them both. “I’m sorry Timmy” his dad sobbed. “I didn’t know you felt
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